Abstract submission

Talks, oral communications and poster presentations

The format of the encounter is adapted to the announced objectives ; TEAM-1 is not primarily a place for usual scientific communication : we favour presentations having some general character and giving a review or an overview :

- on some topics relevant with the encounter

- on activities or research facilities of laboratories or research center

Round tables will be organised in order to favour a direct exchange of informations and ideas on defined topics.

In principle, original research works will not be presented as talks, except if they reveal an important and innovative character, or are with the spirit of attracting attention of the scientific community, in order to set-up collaborations on new, hot topics. 

Classical original research works will be presented in poster sessions ; all presenting authors of posters will have the possibility to inform about their poster in « flash » presentations of 3 min, in plenary sessions.

The organising committee will select the submitted communications for talks according to the following priority :

1. Reviews, overviews, state-of-the art, on fields related to the encounter
2. Laboratory activities on given fields, and research facilities of labs or research centers
3. Research works provided they reveal an important and innovative character; in that case presentations should be with the spirit to attract attention of the scientific community to hot or new topics
4. Research works provided they are presented in the frame of international  research activities in the field, and including incitations for collaborations.


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