The abstracts book is still available. It will be soon replaced by the online version published in the site of the journal Materials and Devices

Aims and participants

This encounter, that took place between 4 and 6th july 2017, aimed at establishing or reinforcing contacts and collaborations between groups of France, Spain, and Portugal, in the fields of advanced materials, and related topics. The encounter was also open to participants from other countries, wishing to construct or having collaborations with groups of the above countries. We hope that this meeting will open a series of encounters in future, and the preparation of TEAM-2 will be discussed by the binational permanent committee in near future.

Covered topics

All topics related to advanced materials of different types are relevant in the TEAM encounters; in particular the topics belong to the following categories  : advanced electronic, optical, and optoelectronic materials, advanced materials for energy, advanced engineering materials, advanced materials for biomedical applications, nanomaterials and low dimensional materials, miscellaneous advanced materials, smart materials, advanced materials in systems, and also infrastructures for Materials Characterization and advanced characterisation techniques.


As announced, TEAM1 has been held in Sète (south of France, on mediterranean coast, 30 km west of Montpellier). This town is on the main train line of TGV at about 30 km west from Montpellier.

Sète is a nice, attracting touristic town in which one could discover the Sète channels by boat, the folkloric attractions, the mediterranean food, and in particular seafood, the oyster farms by boat, the beautiful view of Mount St-Clair, etc.

See pictures of Sète!

TEAM1 has taken place in the Lycée Charles de Gaulle of Sète, and we would like to thank the head of this institution and the staff for their important contribution in organizing the hosting of the event.